Time Management for Sales

Sales organizations are being pushed to increase result with reduced budgets and fewer salespeople over 60% compared to last year. It’s according to a Miller Heimen 2003 Sales Effectiveness Study. This information is probably not a surprise whether you’re a sales rep or a sales manager. Simply put, you’re demand work smarter and not harder to solve the current climate. It’s about being organized enough to put your best foot toward in order to close business.

As a sales professional, I say a critical as important as the time management for sales in being successful, and the sales pros who work together with me rarely disagree about this. I try to breakdown the most important components, and here’s what I find:

  • Prioritize. A clear understanding of goals and priorities was having most sales professional I work with, but shifting priorities have become the norm in most organizations. Gaining competitive advantage can mean by being able to change quickly. But it might also leave confused and overwhelmed to the employee feeling.
  • Re-visit your priorities several times during the day to remain flexible. Before accessing email in the morning, try working on priorities first thing. That was much more effective approach, both long and short term. Because we tend to respond to the urgent email first, however it can be difficult to implement.
  • Your ability to focus and proactively seek working on what’s important must be support by your time management habits. Any prospect and customer shouldn’t be focus and importance but on the right prospect and the right customer. Simply wasting and opportunity otherwise you’re.
  • Process, it is a selling. Time management for sales is the most important for an effective (at the right time) and efficient (doing the righting) process. But overcome person disorganization is the first rule of effective time management.
  • How about incoming information can you handle at all? Is the pile on your desktop stressing you because fear something might be felt through the cracks? Can you retrieve, manage and store easily paper and electronic based information? Paper and time management for sales is one state that can’t be apart. Having a leads to a challenge in another usually can be made by having a roadblock in one area. You must make systems and processes are always in line and how can you make them better, because a huge difference in increasing productivity and reducing stress can make by a little shifts.
  • In my opinion: “Hope is note a Strategy”. It means time management skills always must be improved. Only action can make the difference. You have more control of your day and your workload by doing something that moves you forward. Time would be better spent overcoming roadblocks than just thinking about doing something.

Never be a slave to poor time management habits, procrastination and cluttered desktop. Having more time to spend with your family and friends as well as pursue some of your own interest means being successful.

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