Employee Evaluation Managing Time

Employee evaluation managing time would be happen a couple of times a year or once a year. It needs to do for manager and supervisor to appraise their employee’s performance. How well they do their tasks? Are there ways to improve the employees? There are some important things in a management position must consider.

Each business has their own method to evaluate and appraise their employee’s performance. No matter, what method that they use, but there is some important thing that they must understand.

The quality of work

It is the most important thing that manager must consider during evaluations. They must know how well the employees perform their jobs, do they have problems during complete their job, do they accomplish the job on time, and others. Manager need to survey the quality of work depend on the type of business.


Another big one consideration is about absenteeism. Manager need to survey every employee in thee management. If an employee often do not come in the office it will impacted to the production.  Such as, their work be accumulated or many tasks cannot be done on time so that another employee have to complete the work load of the missing person. Manager must consider the beneficial to the company. If it left and no one control this problem, it will not good for the company.

Be On time

The third important thing in appraising employee’s performance is being on time in working. An employee should be work on time when the time business opens. When they are late, it would make slows down the production, for instance when they are in the morning and take a few minutes for having a cup of coffee or just being absent. It would be a specific note for them. Being late canceled all of thing to be completed. But, if the employee can be on time in their work, there will not procrastination and avoid all problems probably happens.

Company recruitment

A company has different recruitment with others. The recruitment can be anything depends on the company to get a proper communication among the departments. The employees must follow this recruitment to make all programs become walk together and fine. An ideal employee will obey the policies.

Personal habits

Every employee in a company has different habit each other. There is good habit and also bad habit. A bad habit from an employee will have impact to other employee. When manager see an employee seems not neat, brush their hair, do not bath, a dirty clothes, and others, it will bother other employees. Avoid the employees from bad habit to have good relationship with others. It will influence them performance in the office. When they have good habit and attitude their friends will admire each other. Avoid bad habit to get benefits in the office.

The goals

A manager needs to look to see if that employee has met their goals and company objectives when evaluating an employee’s performance. Every job position of course has different goals. The employees who do not consistently reach their goals may not apply themselves to the job properly or may not be qualified for the jobs.

Compatibility with other employees

One of the important aspects for apprising the employee’s performance, when they evaluating compatibility each others. It means that the manager should know how well they can work together in a team. Some employees have problem with others and they become arguing with others or friction between themselves and other members in the team. A good employee is they who can commune with others well in all the level in the company.

Those are some important aspect which manager has to know when evaluating and apprising employee’s performance. With always employee evaluation managing time, get the best for better future of the company.

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